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Sholl Analysis.

Sholl Analysis.

Sophia Velasco

Sophia is an undergraduate student at the University of Florida Honors Program pursuing a double major in Biochemistry and BCN (Behavioral and Cognitive Neuroscience) with hopes of earning an MD in the future.

She started research at McKnight Brain Institute during her first-year at UF. Her research interests involve neurodegenerative diseases, cellular signalling in diseases vs healthy state. At Khoshbouei Lab, her research mainly focuses on how alpha-synuclein over-expression impacts dopamine neuron morphology.

In addition to her lab experience, she is also a Science Olympiad exam author for multiple universities (e.g. Cornell University, University of Pennsylvania, and the University of Florida), a Brain Bee Mentor for Alachua County High Schools, an Emerging Leader for Dance Marathon at UF and a volunteer at the Ronald McDonald House.